The New Standard of Global Elevation Models

Pole-to-pole coverage coupled with unrivalled accuracy and quality - these are the defining characteristics of the WorldDEM™. The accuracy surpasses that of any global satellite-based elevation model available today and will define a new industry standard. WorldDEM™ provides a reliable and precise reference layer to enhance a wide range of applications.

WorldDEM sketch
WorldDEM™ in Brief


  • Pole-to-pole coverage: Homogenous standardised DEM for any spot on Earth
  • Unique quality: Superior terrain information anywhere on Earth
  • Unrivalled accuracy: 2m (relative) / 4m (absolute) vertical accuracy in a 12m x 12m raster
  • Easy access


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WorldDEM™ provides a superior level of detail and accuracy compared to SRTM data. Location: Arkansas, USA


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High Level of Detail for Versatile Applications

A multitude of applications such as satellite image orthorectification, military and civil aviation, management of oil and gas fields as well as defence and security related missions, benefit from the unique WorldDEM™ dataset. The global coverage will also support international cooperation and cross-border mission planning, particularly when the rapid provision of accurate information is of utmost importance (for instance in case of natural or environmental disasters), the availability of a standardised, highly accurate DEM will be a major advantage.

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Did you Know?

WorldDEM™ is the product of the TanDEM-X Mission (TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurements), realised as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between Airbus DS and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). Airbus DS holds the exclusive commercial marketing rights for the data and refines the elevation models according to the needs of commercial users worldwide.

TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar satellites in space