Questions and Answers


Q1: I can’t use GeoStore because my IT team doesn’t want to install Silverlight on my PC. How can I browse images?

Without Silverlight 5 it is not possible to search images on GeoStore. However, it is possible to install the ArcMap Plugin as a toolbar to do requests on both SPOT & Pléiades catalogues.

Q2: I want to view on my iPad but when I click the BROWSE & ORDER button nothing happens.

The portal uses Silverlight technology. Unfortunately, iPads currently do not support this technology.

Q3: When I enter in my browser I’m seeing a different site.

The site does not appear to be detecting your country of origin. You can connect directly to the site at

Q4: How do I know what kind of product is best suited to my business?

We suggest you look at the needs and products table.

Q5: I would like GeoStore to display my area when I enter the site so that I don’t have to look for it every time.

You can configure your portal settings when opening your session. Click the DataDoors logo in the top left-hand corner in the search interface.
Select Settings and then Current view. The next time you log on, GeoStore will open and display your preferred area. You can only use this feature if you are logged on.

Q6: The base map is not correctly displayed on the Browse & Order interface. How can I correct it?

The problem is the following:

FAQ - Base Map display

The Map layer has an http URL (this should be in https).
1- Delete the line
2- Click on Add a Layer  ArcGIS Tiled Map Service

FAQ - Add ArcGIS Tiled Map Service layer

Paste the following URL:

Customer's Account

Q7: How long do I have to wait before being able to connect with my login and password?

Accounts should take no more than 48 hours to be opened. The prices shown on the portal will include the customer’s usual discount rate (where applicable).
Prices must therefore be validated with the Area Manager.

Q8: Will I be able to keep track of my orders on line?

The order tracking function is available for Premier Account users through the Customer’s Area. This new online service allows you to track all your orders (online and offline) and to manage your commercial account in complete autonomy. To get access to the Customer’s Area, please contact directly your usual sales contact at the Customer Service.

Q9: Several people at my company want to be able to order products. Can I open a generic account?

We advise against having a single generic account. However, you will have a single account for your company and each employee will have his/her own login and password. You can specify if you want an employee to be able to view orders placed by other employees at your company.

Catalogue Search

Q10: How is the surface area of my AOI calculated?

The area of the AOI is calculated after re-projecting the AOI from a geographic projection into an appropriate metric projection (generally a UTM or equal-area projection).
If the product has coverage over a lake or sea, this is included in the area. No special treatment is given to bodies of water.

Q11:Can I import KML files?

GeoStore lets you import KML, KMZ and shapefiles via the toolbar in the search interface.

Q12: Can I do searches on more than one AOI?

You can’t specify more than one AOI at the same time because GeoStore is designed to make searching as easy as possible.

Q13: I’m only looking for Pléiades imagery but the system keeps finding SPOT imagery, too. How can I avoid this?

You can filter searches to find only Pléiades products. The simplest way to do this is to display the search settings by clicking the little funnel in the menu bar.
Then select a resolution better than 1 metre and save your settings. The subsequent search will show only Pléiades products.

Q14: Are Pléiades archives from before the commercial release date of 4 June 2012- (data acquired during the commissioning phase) on sale?

Yes, all data accessible in the catalogue is available for commercial use.

Q15: I’m sure there’s an image of Munich (for example) but I can’t see one in my search results.

In most cases like this, the reason you can’t see the image you want is in the search settings. For example, if the cloud cover setting has been reduced and no image of Munich matches that cloud cover setting. You must therefore adjust your settings and then do a new search.
The number of search results may also exceed the number of rows in the results table. If so, only the results displayed in the table on screen are shown on the map.
We suggest you refine your search criteria so that the results fit on one page.

Q16: Can I export my results in KML/KMZ format?

GeoStore lets you export KML, KMZ and shape files via the toolbar in the search results window. Only Pléiades QL are available in KMZ format at the moment.
When you export KMZ files, please wait until the yellow circle stops turning before trying to open it in Google Earth.

Click on the Export icon and choose the format: 

FAQ - Export Results in KML

Wait until the yellow circle disappears:

FAQ - Export Results in KML (timer)

Once the yellow circle disappears, your file is created and you can open it now in Google Earth.

Q17: All measurements are in metres and I’d like to use feet. Can I do that?

You can configure your portal settings to use a different measurement unit. Click the DataDoors logo in the top left-hand corner in the search interface. Select Settings and then the measurement unit you want.

Q18: Where can I find the results of my search when my results box has been closed?

FAQ - Results Display (button)

FAQ - Results Display

When there are too many results to be displayed on 1 page, only quicklooks on the current page are shown.

For example:
Page 1

FAQ - SPOTMaps Results Display (Page 1)

Page 2

FAQ - SPOTMaps Results Display (Page 2)

Q19: How do I know if my AOI is covered by SPOTMaps products?

If you want to know the SPOTMaps coverage of your AOI, click on “layers” and choose “SPOTMAPS” in the table.

FAQ - SPOTMaps Layer Selection

The SPOTMaps layers will appear in blue and you will see if your AOI is fully covered or not.

FAQ - SPOTMaps Layer Display

FAQ - SPOTMaps Coverage Display

Q20:How do I keep my AOI displayed while searching by a scene ID?

Draw your AOI and click on the “scene ID” icon:

FAQ - Draw your AOI

Then copy/paste the scene ID and tick the box “Constrain matches with current AOI”. Click Ok to confirm:

FAQ - Copy/ Paste Scene ID

The image is automatically displayed on your AOI:

FAQ - Image Display

Q21: How can I look for SPOT scenes with a SAT?

The easiest way is to select a SPOT image with a SAT and then launch a search by ID with all different SATs.
To be sure that an image has a SAT, just have a look to the metadata.

FAQ - SAT Metadata FAQ - SAT Metadata (Information)

Then, launch your search by IDs:

FAQ - SAT Metadata (Search by ID) FAQ - SAT Metadata (Quicklook)


Q22: Your website says I can request Pléiades tasking on line but when I run a search I’m not asked if I want to request tasking.

Only customers with a Premier account can request tasking on line. You can’t request tasking if you are visiting the site as a guest.

Q23: I would like to be able to request tasking, particularly instant tasking, but I don’t see this option on the portal.

The Instant Tasking option is not activated by default on the portal because it makes big demands on satellite capacity.
Please contact our Customer Service.

Q24: I’m interested in tasking but I’d like to know when I get to choose my product options.

When you submit an automatic or instant tasking request, GeoStore will prompt you to specify your product options. As soon as your image has been acquired, it will be added directly and automatically to the production stream with no need for any further action on your part. You will be notified when your product is ready.

Q25: What is the difference between tasking modes?

Automatic tasking is managed through GeoStore completely automatically 24/7. It’s used for small areas and with predefined standard programming parameters. With this type of tasking mode, customers can select standard service or priority service.

Tailored tasking is managed by the Airbus Defence and Space team (Customer Service and Tasking Service), which customers can contact directly through the contact form in GeoStore, but the process is managed by a member of staff rather than automatically as for automatic tasking. This option is used for large areas and/or specific tasking parameters. As for Automatic tasking, it’s possible to select standard service or priority service.

Instant tasking is managed through GeoStore fully automatically 24/7. It’s used to reserve the next acquisition attempt with top priority with any tasking constraint. In this sense, it equates to requisitioning the satellite.

You will find  a table explaining the different features of each tasking mode on the Pléiades Tasking Services and SPOT 6 Tasking Services pages.


Q26: How can I order SPOTMaps by AOI?

Draw an AOI

FAQ - SPOTMaps Ordering (Draw AOI)

In the Results window, click the Mosaics tab.

FAQ - SPOTMaps Ordering (Results - Mosaic Tab)

Put the “SPOTMaps by AOI” product in your basket and your AOI is automatically calculated.

FAQ - SPOTMaps Ordering (Basket)

When you choose to order SPOTMaps by AOI, the system automatically chooses the most recent images.
If you want older SPOTMaps, contact the GeoStore team.

Q27: How can I order Pleiades products by AOI?

Pléiades products are automatically sold by AOI. Even if the image is bigger than your AOI, only the AOI will be taken into account when you put it in your basket.

Q28: I can’t see how to order a SPOT subscene.

GeoStore does not let you order subscenes for SPOT 1 to SPOT 5 products.
On the other hand, for SPOT 6, Pléiades and SPOTMaps products you will be billed only according to the surface area of your AOI.

Q29: What is the minimum order size for SPOTMaps, Pléiades and SPOT6 data?

The minimum order sizes applied on GeoStore for SPOTMaps, Pléiades and SPOT6 data are as follow:

  • SPOTMaps: 250
  • Pléiades Archives: 25
  • Pléiades Tasking: 100
  • SPOT 6 Archive: 100
  • SPOT 6 Tasking: 500

In archive mode, you can order from 3, but the minimum order size will be charged.

Q30: Which DEM do you use for my ortho image?

Ortho images are corrected with ground control points and a DEM based on Reference3D if available.
If REF3D is not available, they are corrected with SRTM.

Q31: How will I know when my product is going to be delivered?

Each individual company account has an associated network delivery account, itself associated with one or more e-mail addresses.
All you have to do is specify which e-mail addresses should receive notice of delivery.

Q32: How will I be billed?

Ordering through GeoStore does not change how we bill customers. Our Customer Service receives notice of all orders placed through the portal and establishes invoices as usual.