DEIMOS-1 Optical Satellite Imagery

A cost-effective solution for rapid coverage and revisit of large areas
DEIMOS-1 Satellite

Airbus Defence and Space is the international distributor of DEIMOS-1 satellite imagery products now completing our portfolio with new data resources.

These optical satellite images open new perspectives to our users for the development of services & applications in various markets such as Maritime, Agriculture, Environment or Forestry.



  • Fast coverage of territories thanks to its wide swath (see examples)
  • Near-real-time capacity
  • Competitive price with archive price starting at € 0,06 /
  • Ortho product as a standard

DEIMOS-1 Products

DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image - Poyang Lake

DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image - Poyang Lake, Jiangxi province, China - ©2010-DEIMOS IMAGING

DEIMOS-1 satellite provides Standard Image Products in Multispectral mode at a resolution of 22 metres with an image swath of up to 600km. Scenes are delivered in level 3 (orthorectified product) as a standard and raw data can be delivered on request.
DEIMOS-1 offers a range of archive images or access to standard and priority programming collections.

Standard Image Product Specifications


Mode and Resolution Multispectral - 22 m (GSD)
Spectral Bands NIR: 0,77 – 0,90 µm
RED : 0.63 – 0.69 µm
GREEN : 0.52 – 0.60 µm
Swath Width Up to 600 km (8 or 10 bits)
Swath Length Up to 1000 km
Revisit interval 2 to 3 days
Viewing angles Nadir Acquisitions (up to 12°)
Satellite tasking Yes, standard or priority programming modes

Price Information

  Products Price for L1T
(Ortho Products)
Archive Products
(Minimum size 6 000
Short Archive
(less than 3 months)
€ 0.09 km²
Standard Archive € 0.06 km²
Programming Mode
(Minimum size 10 000
Standard Mode € 0.15 km²
Priority Mode € 0.25 km²

pdf More details on the DEIMOS-1 International Price List

Near-real-time Capacity

Besides, having developed a fully integrated Polar Station system in Svalbard to download telemetry at the end of each orbit, DEIMOS-1 system is optimized for large areas acquisition campaign: on board memory is not a limitation and near-real-time production services can be proposed. Deimos-1 data can be delivered in less than 2 hours after acquisitions if needed.

DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image - Louisiana, USA

DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image: Crop areas next to Louisiana, USA - ©2011-DEIMOS IMAGING