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Combining Broad Coverage, Daily Revisit and Very High-Resolution
Astrium Services Satellite Imagery

With any point on Earth covered at least once a day, Astrium Services provides unrivalled access to the most comprehensive range of commercial Earth observation data available today.

Our data products comprise imagery acquired by the Pléiades constellation, the SPOT constellation, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and from partner satellites such as FORMOSAT-2 and DEIMOS-1.

Large Acquisition Capabilities - Reactive, Flexible & Reliable Delivery

As a satellite operator, with strong partnerships with other operators and our own airborne capabilities, we provide access to the most complete range of Earth observation data on the market: an efficient answer to your needs for imagery whatever the scale, the location or the timeliness!

  • Unrivalled high-resolution operational data acquisition capacity
  • Low to very high-resolution products: airborne as well as satellite imagery – radar and optical
  • Daily coverage in excess of 22 million km²
  • Daily revisit for any points on Earth with several resolutions
  • Most extensive network of receiving stations
  • Near-real-time data processing & delivery
  • Access to imagery whatever the location and the size of the area of interest
  • Future missions guarantee service continuity until at least 2024

Multi-source and multi-resolution satellite imagery

Our data products comprise imagery acquired by the Pléiades constellation, the SPOT constellation, TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and from partner satellites such as FORMOSAT-2 and DEIMOS-1.

Pléiades Satellite Image - Aspire Zone (Doha Sports City) - Doha, Qatar © CNES 2012 Distribution Astrium Services/ Spot Image

Aspire Zone, Doha, Qatar
Pléiades Satellite Image

Pléiades Constellation

Pléiades is a very-high-resolution constellation featuring an unprecedented commercial availability with daily revisits every point on the globe. It delivers 50cm products while featuring a 20km swath, thus maximizing information on both the target and its surroundings.

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SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Namib Desert, Namibia

Namib Desert, Namibia
SPOT 6 Satellite Image

SPOT 6 & 7 constellation

SPOT 6 & 7 are a constellation which produces high-resolution data with a wide swath and a high agility, maximizing the efficiency of programming and searching for the best compromise between weather and daily revisit of the same point.

More about SPOT 6 & 7

SPOT 5 Satellite Image - Oleron Island, France - © CNES 2003

Oleron Island, France - SPOT 5 Satellite Image


SPOT 5 meets multi-scale & multi-application requirements worldwide and provides an ideal combination of accuracy and coverage for versatile applications.

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TerraSAR-X Change Detection Baltimore Harbour, US

Amplitude Change Detection map of Baltimore Harbour based on TerraSAR-X acquisitions


TerraSAR-X is the most accurate high-resolution radar satellite in orbit providing data services of unique precision, quality and reliability.

More about TerraSAR-X

FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Image - Los Pelambres, Chile © NSPO 2006

Los Pelambres, Chile - FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Image


Direct access to Taiwan’s highly efficient satellite, owned and operated by NSPO, secures high resolution data with daily revisit capability, ideal for monitoring purposes.

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DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image - Minas Gerais, Brazil © DEIMOS IMAGING 2011

Minas Gerais, Brazil - DEIMOS-1 Satellite Image


DEIMOS provides a cost-effective solution for rapid coverage and revisit of large areas especially suitable for applications in agriculture, forestry, environment, maritime surveillance.

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WorldDEM Digital Elevation Model of Hokkaido, Japan

WorldDEM™ Digital Elevation Model
Hokkaido, Japan


The twin satellite constellation of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X collects data for a global homogeneous Digital Elevation Model of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage.

This WorldDEM™ dataset will be available from 2014.

More about WorldDEM™

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