TerraSAR-X Radar Satellite Imagery

Radar Satellite Services of Unique Precision, Quality, and Reliability
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The high-resolution radar satellite TerraSAR-X reliably provides high-resolution SAR imagery with a resolution of up to 1m independent of weather conditions and illumination.

The satellite features a unique geometric accuracy unrivalled by any other commercial spaceborne sensor today and an excellent radiometric accuracy.

Most Accurate High-Resolution Radar Satellite in Orbit

Astrium Services offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality TerraSAR-X data products of different modes or processing levels depending on the intended utilisation. TerraSAR-X was specifically designed to meet the requirements of commercial users around the globe and is optimised to deliver data for a wide range of sophisticated applications.

These radar image products are specified in accordance with the individual needs and application requirements of each customer prior to their acquisition. The basic imagery products can subsequently be enhanced in order to secure an optimised applicability.

TerraSAR-X Key Features

  • Flexible resolution (1m / 3m / 18.5m) and footprint: high resolution for specific target areas, medium resolution for large area coverage
  • Geometric accuracy unrivalled by any other commercial spaceborne sensor today
  • Excellent radiometric accuracy
  • Weather-independent site access time of 2.5 days max. (2 days at 95% probability) to any point on Earth
  • Unique agility (rapid switches between imaging modes and polarisations)

TerraSAR-X Image Products

TerraSAR-X Staring SpotLight image of Harwell, Great Britain © 2013 Astrium Services / Infoterra GmbH

TerraSAR-X SpotLight Acquisition of Mount Bromo, Indonesia

TerraSAR-X Basic Image Products can be acquired in one of these main image modes:

  • High Resolution SpotLight: up to 1m resolution, scene size 5 to 10km (width) x 5km (length);
  • SpotLight: up to 2m resolution, scene size 10km (width) x 10km (length);
  • StripMap: up to 3m resolution, scene size 30km (width) x 50km (length*);
  • ScanSAR: up to 18.5m resolution, scene size 100km (width) x 150km (length*).
  • StripMap and ScanSAR: acquisition length extendable to 1,650 km
TerraSAR-X Acquisition Modes

The unique design of TerraSAR-X's SAR antenna enables a variety of polarimetric combinations: single or dual polarisation and even full polarimetric data takes are possible. Different processing levels are optionally selectable for each image ranging from Level 1B data (with full phase information) to orthorectified imagery.

Further refined products, like mosaics and image merges from ascending and descending orbits, are available.

See more about TerraSAR-X imagery enhancement services.

Reliable Data Provision of New-Quality Radar Data Products and Access Services

An extensive data archive of more than 100,000 scenes covering the majority of the Earth's surface at least once is available enabling efficient map updates or change detection applications.

The reliable and efficient distribution of TerraSAR-X Services across all continents is ensured by an extensive global partner network. The exclusive TerraSAR-X Direct Access Service is the fastest way to obtain radar imagery anywhere on the globe: the data can be received directly from the spacecraft at a local ground station operated by Astrium's Direct Access Partners.

TerraSAR-X-based Geo-Information

Surface Movement Map In Salah, Algeria

Surface Movement Map of a CO2 Storage Site near In Salah, Algeria

Based on TerraSAR-X as a unique data source, Astrium's geo-information experts offer a variety of
products and services. These include well-established radar-based services, now significantly enhanced and improved thanks to TerraSAR-X's novel features, as well as an innovative usage of the radar satellite data: