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Worldwide Elevation Data - Global to Local
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Whether planning an infrastructure network, conducting a military intervention mission in unknown terrains, or analysing terrain features for oil and gas exploration: accurate terrain height information is critical.

Precise and reliable elevation data supports a wide range of applications and forms the foundation of any accurate geospatial product.

Geo Elevation Products Suite

The GEO Elevation product suite offers the most comprehensive range of elevation models providing highly accurate height information everywhere in the world, whatever the relief and weather conditions.

Because varying models suit different type of applications, our range consists of different core levels allowing you to use the right model for your business needs.

  • Elevation30: unique 3D geographic reference database
    covering >70 Mio km²
  • Elevation10: regional 10 m elevation models everywhere
    in the world whatever the relief and weather conditions
  • Elevation4 and Elevation1: highly detailed elevation information
    for local projects
  • WorldDEM™: the global elevation dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage available from 2014
GEO Elevation Key Benefits


  • Multi-scale: Resolution from 30 m down to 1 m
  • High accuracy: Accuracies below 10 m (vertical & horizontal) for all the products and down to 1.5 m
  • Available worldwide: Elevation30: > 70 Million km² available off-the-shelf. Elevation10, Elevation4 and Elevation1 available on demand tailored to your area of interest even in the most difficult areas
  • Country wide to local: Modelling services for areas as small as 100 km², and up to full regional or even national coverage, future global coverage with WorldDEMTM
  • Area of interest customisation: All products framed to individual area of interest, optimised pricing per km²
  • Reliable: Assessed by extensive validation and verification campaigns with international partners and organisations around the world
  • Unique technological capabilities: Solution based on our unique access to a multi-resolution and multi-sensor constellations including SPOT and Pléiades optical as well as TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar satellites

Accurate Terrain Knowledge for Versatile Applications

GEOElevation Applications

GEO Elevation provide highly accurate elevation information data ideal for:

  • High-quality image orthorectification
  • Multi-scale mapping production
  • Defence mission preparation & rehearsal
  • Terrain knowledge for flight guidance
  • Water body identification products
  • Infrastructure & networks planning
  • Flood modelling
  • 3D visualisation
  • Geological terrain analysis

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Did you know?

In the future customers will benefit from Astrium’s new worldwide high quality elevation product: WorldDEM™. This is a global dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy, and coverage and will be available from 2014 for the entire Earth’s land surface - pole to pole.