Worldwide 3D geographic reference database for all global coverage needs

Elevation30 is a unique worldwide 3D geographic reference database especially designed for large area coverage for mapping, GIS and military needs.

Derived from both optical (from Elevation30 DEM - Ortho layer & Quality information database) and radar spaceborne technologies, Elevation30 allows a greater coverage independent of terrain characteristics and weather conditions.

The model includes “first surface” elevations including vegetation and man-made structures.

Elevation30 has 3 layers of information:

  • DTED level 2 format DEM (Digital Elevation Model)
  • Orthoimage (ground control source)
  • A set of quality masks.
Key Benefits
  • Up to 6 meter horizontal and vertical accuracy
  • Based on DTED level 2 standards
  • Available for more than 70 million km² worldwide
  • Rapid delivery
  • Ideal for defence, mapping and terrain modelling applications.

An established cartographic standard

Elevation30 - SPOTDEM on Dead Sea

Elevation30 satellite image on Dead Sea

Elevation30 provides finely detailed information and close registration of data layers for:

  • rigorous matching of map data, for example in the oil industry,
  • building onboard databases for UAVs, missiles and aircraft, and for mission planning, well suited to defence, ministries andarmament manufacturers,
  • compiling or updating maps,
  • checking existing databases,
  • impact studies and geological structure studies,
  • setting up road and railway networks,
  • preparing missions and navigation files for weapon systems,
  • flight and landing approach simulations, among others.


An unlimited source of ground control points

Elevation30 orthoimages provide ground control points accurate enough to ensure GPS compatibility: better than 10mCE90.

They can be used to orthorectify imagery from most Earth observation satellites—e.g. SPOT, FORMOSAT-2, QuickBird, IKONOS, Envisat—when positional data are not available.

3D Satellite Iimage, Dead Sea, Jordan/ Israel

3D Satellite Iimage, Dead Sea, Jordan/ Israel

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Did you know?

Reference3D is developed in partnership by Spot Image and the French survey and mapping agency IGN.
The constitution of the Reference3D database began in 2002, with the launch of SPOT 5, with an annual production rate of 7 million km².

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