Data Processing

Turn imagery into accurate geo-information data using state-of-the-art, proven technologies

Through our continued effort in R&D, we have developed a unique expertise in geometric and radiometric processing and image classification to analyze and convert remote sensing data and multi-spectral images to geo-information datasets ranging from single image to country-wide mosaics.
This expertise is now at your disposal, in the form of on-demand processing services or through deployment of processing systems in your facilities.

We offer innovative processing and high capacity of production to extract geo-information from satellite and aerial imagery.

Our processing solutions can produce large quantities of all types of EO data – multi-resolution and multi-satellite, spaceborne and airborne, optical and radar – tailored to the needs of your geospatial project.

Unique processing tools and expertise

PIXEL FACTORY™: the power of an industrial solution in your hands

Pixel Factory Processing

PIXEL FACTORY™ processing

PIXEL FACTORY™ is a photogrammetric suite offering:

  • Automatic processing of vast volumes of aerial and satellite data: orthorectification, mosaicking, generation of DEM/ DTM/ DSM
  • Multi-sensor production too,
  • All-in one data driven workflow


Image Processing Solutions

In addition of our strong pedigree in the image processing technology development, Astrium Services has a highly developed digital data processing flow line for all its range of sensors including airborne and satellite. Our focus is on quality data, enabling us to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Processed data available off-the-shelf: 2D and 3D products

We also offer a wide range of processed data off the shelf and ready-to-use in your business systems.

SPOTMaps, North of Hainan island, China

SPOTMaps, North of Hainan island, China © CNES 2004-2001

Elevation Models

GEO Elevation provides highly accurate height information everywhere in the world, whatever the relief and weather conditions. These elevation models are used for high-quality image orthorectification, multi-scale mapping, terrain knowledge, water body identification, flood modeling and 3D visualization.



SPOTMaps products provide nationwide or regional coverage, orthorectified, derived from SPOT 5 colour satellite images at a resolution of 2.5 metres .

UK reference data products

Our online catalogue Geostore gives instant access to an extensive range of aerial survey geo-information products for England and Wales – aerial photography, digital terrain and surface models plus colour infra-red imagery. In major urban areas across the UK, this is enhanced by high resolution imagery and Lidar height data.

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Data Processing