Geo-information products and services tailored to customer applications

Geo-information plays a crucial role in supporting key decision-makers by turning the latest geospatial data into reliable business information.

Based on an expertise across all domains of geo-information and with an unrivalled access to the most comprehensive range of commercial Earth observation data available today, we develop value-added products and services that meet your application-specific needs and support your success.

Oil & Gas, Mines & Energy

Oil gas mines energy

Depletion of natural resources, a growing demand and global economic pressure points have driven oil & gas companies to search for new exploration sites, new development projects in remote and often inaccessible or unfamiliar lands and volatile environments. From onshore to deep-water oil, from shallow-water to onshore gas, our industry-specific ready-to-use products (offshore oil slick database and geological studies) and solutions support oil & gas operators to make sound decisions throughout the full project lifecycle.
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Defence & Security

defence and security

In light of today’s new challenges for national defence and security, the need for higher content and cohesive geospatial intelligence data is more critical. Based on an expertise across all domains of geo-information, our services support the entire lifecycle of geospatial data as used in any defence and intelligence process, providing complete solutions.
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The ability to visualise & evaluate the impact on the surrounding environment is crucial to design, build and manage successful projects. To support successful project delivery, Astrium Services offers accurate, real-world data and geospatial solutions, allowing improved decision analysis at all engineering project stages - from initial planning through to detailed design & ongoing asset management.
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A new era for agriculture calls for an increasing role of technology and new techniques such as geospatial-driven information to help husbanding and producing crops as efficiently and responsible as possible. Astrium critical agricultural information and industry insights at the field level or at the scale of an agricultural basin are serving the whole value chain including: producers, food processing companies, financial operators but also institutional agencies, multilateral banks, think tanks and NGOs.
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More information on Pixagri, our service for precision agriculture

Emergency Response & Crisis Management

Emergency response and crisis management

Land Administration