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A complete portfolio of geo-information products, services and solutions

Astrium Services develops an extensive portfolio of products and services spanning the entire geo-information value chain from data acquisition and processing to data management and hosting, sophisticated geo-information services and turnkey integrated solutions, bringing you exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Satellite & Aerial Imagery

Satellite and Aerial Imagery

Astrium Services Satellites

Astrium Services’ Earth observation data portfolio includes optical and radar satellite imagery as well as aerial data, offering access to the largest data catalogue on the market.
As we operate satellites and aircraft ourselves, we have full control over data acquisition, so we can guarantee the timeliness and quality of the data.

We are the:

  • operator of the SPOT satellite family and Pléiades and the future SPOT 6/7 constellations
  • exclusive owner of the commercial exploitation rights for TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X
  • exclusive distributor of FORMOSAT-2 and distributor of DEIMOS-1
  • operator of a comprehensive range of airborne sensors: digital cameras, lidar, thermal and hyperspectral sensors

With three additional satellites (Pléiades 1B, SPOT-6 and -7) planned within the next two years, the continuity of these unparalleled data services is secure through to 2023, with access to products down to 50-cm resolution.

Geo-information products and processing services

Using the most advanced data processing technologies, Astrium Services can turn all types of airborne and spaceborne imagery into accurate cartographic products for topographic mapping, landcover and 3D modelling, over large territories or on specific targets, according to your needs.

  • Off-the-shelf products such as orthophotos or DEMs are ready to use 24/7 via our web portals for immediate delivery
  • A range of customized processing services for your specific needs.
  • Specialized processing tools and training services help you develop your own expertise and processing capabilities.

Geospatial data management

Efficient access to geospatial datasets is ensured through powerful data hosting and management services, helping end-users to store, manage and share their data in a secure, rapid and cost-effective way. These include e-commerce solutions and can be customized to your needs.

For immediate access to satellite data, Astrium Services can equip you with Direct Receiving Stations or provide multi-satellite telemetry and associated services that help you receive imagery in real time and develop on-site applications.

Market-specific services

GEO Information Markets

Geo-information plays a crucial role supporting key decision-makers.
By turning timely geospatial data into reliable information, Astrium Services supports end-user application success in many different market segments, in both the private and public sectors. These include Defence & Security, Emergency Response and Crisis Management, Land Administration and National Mapping, Oil & Gas and Mining, Agriculture, Forestry and Environment to name a few. These services can be used as stand-alone packages or integrated into complex project-based solutions to fit your most complex needs.

Astrium Services’ in-house geo-information and market-specific experts include agronomists, geologists, defence specialists and civil engineers, and we are continuously strengthening our teams working closely with partners in these domains.

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