Technical Information about the SPOT Satellites

High resolution, stereo imaging and revisit capability are unique features of the SPOT system. The SPOT satellite Earth Observation System was designed by the CNES, the French Space Agency, and developed with the participation of Sweden and Belgium.

SPOT Satellites

SPOT 1 to 7 Constellation

The system has been operational since 1986 when SPOT 1 was launched.
SPOT 2 was placed in orbit in January 1990, followed by SPOT 3 in September 1993, SPOT 4 in March 1998 and SPOT 5 in May 2002.
System continuity will be assured by the SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 constellation

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SPOT Images

The range of SPOT images includes several products defined by the sensors characteristics, the preprocesses and the format.

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SPOT Exploitation

2 satellites are in orbit at present, operated by Astrium GEO Information Services, the commercial operator: SPOT 4 and SPOT 5.

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Elevation30 products

The range of Elevation30 products includes Elevation30 DEM,Elevation30 DEM + Quality Layers and Elevation30 DEM + Ortho layer + Quality Layers.

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