SPOT 6 Completes Technical Commissioning

SPOT 6 was officially declared “good to go” after the recent completion of technical commissioning. All satellite functions and performance are nominal, in some cases even exceeding specifications.

The sensor’s agility has been thoroughly tested; with scenarios including imaging large areas in a single pass (e.g. 500km x 150km), consecutive long strip acquisitions (e.g. 1500km in 3 North-South segments) and target acquisitions (e.g. more than 15 scenes -60km x 60km- over a same point in one pass).

The system is now fully operational, with daily acquisitions averaging very close to the maximum capacity of 3 million square kilometers. The system has successfully downlinked images on 4 passes over the Toulouse station and 8 passes over the Kiruna station. In the last 2 months, SPOT 6 imaged more than 100 million square kilometers without even operating at full capacity!

System operation is now fully managed by Astrium GEO-Information Services with the support of Astrium Satellites for control of the satellite.

The satellite is acquiring high-quality imagery and the initial feedback from customers has been excellent. The ground system is going through final adjustments, as well as operational workflow, in a nominal mode for the start of commercial operations in the coming weeks.

An official announcement regarding commercial availability of SPOT 6 data is expected to follow.

SPOT 6 Completes Technical Commissioning

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